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You do not speak German? Do not hesitate in contacting MyWay Escort in English or even in Spanish. The MyWay Escort website is written in German only, but I would be pleased to answer your questions in English or even in Spanish. Anyway, you will find some important informations written below. You can contact MyWay Escort by email or by phone, we will be pleased to attend you.


+49 177 5720030

You can contact us by email at any time. If you wish to contact us by phone, please consider our business hours, which are daily from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

MyWay Escort – what we stand for


MyWay Escort is a high class escort agency of high reputation based in Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg. All MyWay Escort ladies are sophisticated, well-educated and emancipated women with good manners and charme. Most oft them are multilingual and all of them are studying at university or following their own career. The MyWay Escort ladies will be pleased to be your companion for a few hours or to accompany you for a longer term, they can be your personal travel companion not only in Germany, but worldwide. You will be more than happy with your MyWay Escort lady from Stuttgart, Berlin, Freiburg, Ulm, Baden-Baden, Munich, Nürnberg, Düsseldorf or any other german city .


MyWay Escort – our rates


You will find our rates stated below.
Our rates depend on the time spent with a MyWay Escort lady. The rates stated below are fix prices and cannot be negotiated.

2 ours Euro 280 ,-Dinner-Date
2 ours Euro 460,-Private date
3 ours Euro 560,-Private date
4 ours Euro 640,-Private date
5 ours Euro 750,-Private date
6 ours Euro 860,-Private date
8 ours Euro 950,-Private date
10 ours Euro 1.000,-Private date
12 ours Euro 1.150,-Private date
15 ours Euro 1.300,-Private date
18 ours Euro 1.600,-Private date
24 ours Euro 1.900,-Private date
48 ours Euro 2.600,-During the week
48 ours Euro 2.300,-On a weekend
4 days Euro 3.800,-  
Euro 3.800,- Euro 6.000-  
Duo (Booking of 2 MyWay ladies) Plus 50% of the „normal“ rate stated above
Accompanying a couple Plus 50% of the „normal“ rate stated above



MyWay Escort - Minimum booking time


The minimum booking time depends on where you want to book your MyWay-Escort-companion: within the MyWay-Escort-lady´s homebase the minimum booking time is 2 hours. You will find the different minimum booking times in the chart below-mentioned:

2 ours The lady´s homebase
3 ours In a city not more than 50 km away from the lady´s homebase
4 ours In a city not more than 150 km away from the lady´s homebase
6 ours In a city not more than 300 km away from the lady´s homebase
8 ours In a city not more than 400 km away from the lady´s homebase
12 ours In a german city more than 400 km away
24 ours Within the European Community
48 ours Worldwide



MyWay Escort – travel expenses


You will have to pay travel expenses as soon as the MyWay Escort lady of your choice leaves the homebase-city mentioned in her profile. You will find all information you need in the travel-expenses-chart stated below:

The lady´s homebase No travel expenses

Between homebase and city of destination the lady has to travel...

... not more than 50 km Euro 50,-
... not more than 100 km Euro 100,-
... not more than 150 km Euro 150,-
... between 200 and 400 km Euro 200.- plus costs for an airplane-ticket or train-ticket (if airplane or train are needed to travel)
within the European Community Euro 300.- plus costs for an airplane-ticket or train-ticket (if airplane or train are needed to travel)
worldwide Euro 400.- plus costs for an airplane-ticket or train-ticket (if airplane or train are needed to travel)



MyWay-Escort – Payment arrangements


The payment should be realised in cash as long as you book less than 12 hours and as long as the MyWay Escort lady does not have to travel over distances farther away than 100 km. In this case: please hand over an envelope with the arranged sum. In case you book your MyWay Escort companion for more than 12 hours, or in case the MyWay Escort lady has to travel farther than 100 km, the agency can request an advance payment, which shall be realised by bank transfer.




MyWay Escort – VIP-Lounge


In Germany Escort is perfectly legal. Nevertheless, our society is not as open-minded as it claims to be. This is why some MyWay Escort ladies prefer not to show their profile openly. If you want to see all MyWay Escort ladies, please register at the MyWay Escort VIP-Lounge, here you will find more ladies from Escort Stuttgart, Escort Berlin, Escort Freiburg, Escort Ulm, Escort Baden-Baden, Escort Munich, Escort Nürnberg, Escort Dusseldorf etc.

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MyWay Escort – service


MyWay Escort assures you that all MyWay Escort ladies are very open-minded ladies loving the sexual adventure and pleasure. MyWay Escort does not want to have a „service list“, this contradicts our philosophy. Real first class escort is a very personal service - you book unforgettable moments which cannot and should not be reduced to the ticking off of points. This would destroy wonderful moments and pleasant anticipation, the unexpected greater joy, which you will undoubtedly experience



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